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Lovable Memory Bears
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Our Story
   Hi, my name is Joy Meyer and I am a Teddy Bear Artist.   

   Several years ago, a close friend gave us a memory bear made out of a sweater of his passed wife.  They had been close friends so the memory bear was the perfect gift to keep the memory of this wonderful person alive.  The memory bear is displayed where it could be seen and enjoyed at all times and often brings back memories of good times that were experienced with friends.

   Receiving this memory bear inspired me to start making Lovable Memory Bears for anyone wanting to preserve clothing items that are special to them and therefore preserving the memories that are attached to each garment.
Bear made from lady's sweater
Bear made from man's T-shirt
   The Lovable Memory Bears are made in a smoke free environment.  We respect the type of clothing that the Memory Bear is made from and will use the utmost care and respect in designing and making your Lovable Memory Bear.