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Lovable Memory Bears
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Keep Loved Ones' Memories Alive
Lovable Memory Bears made from special occasion and loved ones clothing 
   Lovable Memory Bears are 16" teddy bears made from memorable fabrics that you don't want to part with and would like to enjoy every day.  They are personally handcrafted by us from clothing/fabric you choose to provide such as shirts, uniforms, pants, PJ’s, jackets or baby blankets.  Specialty fabrics from furs, wedding or Christening gowns, prom dresses or graduation may also be used.  Your imagination when choosing the fabric or piece of clothing makes the Memory Bear more personable.     
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   We handcraft the Memory Bear from your fabric or clothing while adding any personal touches that already exist within the fabric.  When possible, we will use buttons that are already on the clothing or if unavailable we will provide them.  The arms and legs are string joined with fabric covered buttons (or the garment buttons) and the head attached by plastic joint.  We use plastic colored eyes and nose for personality.  Each Memory Bear measures approximately 16 inches high and comes with personalize hang tag and coordinated ribbon. We may add a personalized image / picture of a loved one to your Lovable Memory Bear for an additional fee.

Bears made from a lady's Mink Shawl 
   Memories from a favorite outfit, child's baby blanket, outgrown kids clothes or special occasion clothing can be kept alive with a personalized Lovable Memory Bear for everyone to view and enjoy.  Stages of a child's life can be creatively captured in a Lovable Memory Bear to share as they grow.    

   So.....go to that closet or drawer, pull out that special item and send it to us so that we may begin creating special Lovable Memory Bears for you that will be enjoyed for many years.  
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